Saturday, October 18, 2014

Win a spot in soulfood 2015...

Jeanette House has a giveaway on right now......... head over there to enter to WIN!

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Oh wow......

It sure glares at you when you come back to your blog to see how many.......choke, months it's been since you posted something. C'est la vie. 

I have been busy however...... doing lots of things. Like, I recently finally finished our "Future Flight Path" installation at École Powerview School. I am so happy with how it turned out. I'm sharing the link to the video. 

I have also been dabbling heavily in photography lately too. I sure am loving it! I did a photo shoot with my niece and nephews late this afternoon and had a chance to edit a few. 

They are sooooo cute! The boys are at that age where it is so not cool to hold their little sister's hands but I basically told them they had no choice lol. 

And last but certainly not least, I have my first video set ready to upload to icreateflix... wahoooo! It is actually a video version of a live workshop I did with several classes when I was doing integrated arts in Winnpeg last spring. Truth be told the teachers had just as much fun doing it as the kids. I'm uploading tonight. Will post links as soon as it goes live. I've also starting getting ready to film my segment for soulfood 2015! Wow time is creeping up on me. Wish I had more of it.

the fairy!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Awesome news!

I have some wonderful news...........yipppeeeeee!!!!!!!

I am teaching again this year in Soul Food 2015! It's changed a little, but will still have all the awesome wonderful goodness like it did last year! 

 I am just so excited to see what my fellow instructors are going to do! I loved being able to play along with everyone last year. You won't regret signing up!

Stay tuned for more details!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Lots to share

Sorry, I guess this is going to be a bit of a long one. I had so many plans for the blog and website this summer, weekly tutorial posts, lots of awesome fun stuff. With my computer crashing non stop in June and July it was a challenge to get anything on line done. The silver lining to that dark cloud is they replaced it with twice the computer I had. I love Apple for that. 

Unfortunately in the midst of all this, there was a tragedy in my family. My brother and his fiancé were killed in a motorcycle accident. I did do a post on my Facebook page where a spoke about it a little and my thoughts on what had happened. It has been a difficult summer. I guess the stress of it all  seems to be making it difficult for me to stay focused and on task. I am creating some stuff, but not as much as I would like to. The kids being home all summer makes housework higher on the priority list, and you tend to do things together more. 

I do have some wonderful news however,  I been contacted by Cara from, an online indie art fest which offers up online art lessons from artists all over the world and I am so excited to be becoming a part of their journey. They actually donate a portion of all sales to create positive change in the world weather it be child poverty or human trafficking.  I am currently working on my first video for my shop and I will let you know when it is finished!

Hope to meet you all back here soon.

xo the fairy

Monday, June 30, 2014

Hello, where have you been?

I am asking myself this a lot lately. I know where I have been.......all over the place. I have been fortunate enough to have been blessed with some wonderful grant opportunities this year as well as a term contract teaching integrated arts in several schools. It kept me busy.

I am back in the swing however, will be doing some of the other artists lessons over at soulfood and I am working on some of my own goodies to offer. I am going to do my best to finish my Magazines to Masterpiece workshop so I can get it into the shop. I still have to finish the actual overhaul of my website, which will hopefully happen very soon. Sometimes I feel discouraged because others seem to have it all together and I seem to be like a feather in the wind. It's me. Love me or leave me and I am learning to accept that and loving those who love me for it.

I am very excited that École Powerview School and I will soon be ready to reveal our installation that I did with the middle years kids which covered migration. It was awesome. I did a simple wall mural to create the perfect background for our flock of paper geese. 

I will post some pictures of the finished install when it is done. Funny but nobody will see it in person until the fall when school starts, helps build anticipation right? When the kids realized what the mural was for they were beside themselves and couldn't wait to see it finished. 

I am going to find some time somewhere to put together a little tutorial showing one of the classes I did with my integrated arts kids which was a hit. Even the teachers were pumped about doing them. My blobimal lesson plan is foolproof and that is why they all loved it. There is no failure with this, only fun.

Stay tuned and if you are in the central parts of Canada, stay dry! We have had some KA-razy weather this last few days. Trees down, tons of rainfall and flooding. Not good :( 

the fairy!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Are you sweet...............always?

Yes, it is hard to be sweet. Especially when those around you are angry, frustrated, over-worked and stressed out. It is amazing what kindness can do. Sometimes it comes simply in the form of just being sweet. When someone gives you vinegar, give them back some honey. Then you can mix them together and make a vinaigrette and you have a lovely salad dressing for your healthy salad. 

Ok that was corny, as my husband would say. He throws that at me constantly, "You are the queen of corn" then says "but I love you." 

I remember one time when my daughter was 8, we waited in a very long, after christmas, return line  at Costco. She said to me:

"Mom, that lady looks mad." (the teller)

I said to her "Well cutie, I am sure that with everyone bringing stuff back and the long lines she is on her feet lots and having to deal with grumpy people because they are mad that they have to wait."

 Like somehow they are surprised that there is a huge return line up after Christmas? I don't get that.

I told her "I bet you if you are nice to her, even though she is grumpy, you will make her smile." She says to me "Well how do I do that mom!" I said "when you get close to her, take a good look at her and find something nice to say about her, something genuine. Maybe she has nice earrings or pretty eyes. It doesn't have to be something stunning, ("Whats that mom?"-"Really really awesome". "OH, ok.") just her best thing." She says "k Mom."

We get to the counter and I am trying to be pretty sweet too, though I can feel her negative energy as thick as heavy fog. It is hard to be near that and keep your wits about you. My daughter peering over the counter at her, I can see her eyes searching, thinking about the teller's "best thing".

Out from her lips comes "I think you have really pretty hair!" with a big smile on her face like she just dropped a diamond on the counter.

The woman's face transformed. A huge grin spreading from ear to ear, seriously her whole face lifted. Truthfully I could swear she was blushing a bit. "Well thank you!" she exclaimed. Her shoulders lifted she bounced around doing our return. We were all smiling.

We leave her, and my daughter looks at me and says "Wow mom! You were right."

 I told her "you were being real, you said something you really felt and she felt that. You can always find something nice to say about someone, if you look really hard. It just takes you caring enough to do it. We are like drops in a puddle and you can either send out good ripples or bad ripples but either way your ripples will go out and and they will hit something."

Try your best to make them good ones, and to 
                               be sweet............always.

the fairy!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Do you have an adventurous heart?

I just uploaded a video I did documenting my painting I did for Heather's class on soul food.

Hope you enjoy!

Off to class in the morning with Kerri Twig at ACI.

the fairy!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A mini story board

Soul Food is so much fun. I am not only an instructor I am also participating as a student as well. I am so enjoying learning other artist's processes and putting my spin on them.

The lovely Lisa Patencio had a super fun lesson to share. This was my take on it.

It is a mini story based on a favourite song of mine by Matisyaho called "Shine on You".

vid is here if you want to watch and listen while you figure out my story board. ;)

the fairy!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Soul Food.........Wow

I have been having such an awesome time with soul food. I have met so many amazing new friends, artists, creatives. I have learned so much from my fellow artists. It has made me want to explore new things try new ideas. It's not too late to join the fun............

Anyways, I was browsing some of the artwork by the other students and instructors and came across Jaquie Fehl's FB page. Low and behold I had these quirky expressive birds staring me down and I fell in love. I just had to make my own grungy quirky way!

Stay tuned for more. I will be posting more of my soul food projects soon. I think I might even be inspired to make a few digital stamps too........:)

the fairy!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Mixed Media Bird Ornament

I needed a little hand made something for a couple of friends/coworkers…….sort of. They are actually  good friends I have made through the grant work I have been doing with our local school. They are both very creative and I knew they would appreciate some lovely hand made ornaments given that they are both artists themselves. I photographed my process so I could share it with you.

I started with my bird shape and cut out two from cardboard and two from mixed media paper that I just scraped some acrylic paint on to.

I then glued the two cardboard pieces together and taped the edges with masking tape to seal them. 

I curled some wire and poked it through from top to bottom between the two cardboard pieces. I then primed the bird with gesso.

Paint the edges only black. 

Distress the edges of the paper bird sections, I used chocolate distress ink.

 Glue the paper to the cardboard section and cut out two wing shapes and collage them on. I added some further "distressing" by rolling one of my stamping up stamps on the bird. I love this doodle border stamp. 

Here is a close up. I really wasn't trying to make it too perfect.

I added some stitch lines for interest, some vintage ribbon and mulberry flowers on each side. I also made some drop pendants with earring pins and beads I got at Walmart and hung that from bottom of the bird and voila!

I sure hope they love them.

the fairy!