Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My crazy Day!

Well, no pictures of lovely cards for you today! What I do have is a crazy day story for you. So I had two appts. in wpg. today. Doctor and web designer. I have to borrow dads car because hubby is fixing the rust on ours and it's all taken apart at the back. I leave at 8:00am while kids are screaming in the house because they have to get ready for the bus. Get to doctors office and it's standing room only. Get into Dr.s office tell him about my symptoms over the weekend and he hustles outside to get masks and sanitizer blah blah. I hear the assistant outside muttering something about why I didn't say anything didn't I see the sign! There was a tiny sign under the front counter where everyone stood in line! Ahem, PLEASE PUT THESE ONES ON THE DOOR AS YOU ENTER THE BUILDING! Tells me I have presented with the classic flu smptoms and need to be tested for posterity really, because if I were going to die of this I would be dead before the test gets back. I'll just be one of the #s if it's positive. I'll get a shirt made "I SURVIVED THE SWINE FLU EPIDEMIC!" I had to squirt the sanitizer on my own hand with my elbow and I squirted it all over my poor Dr.s pants! So he tells me I am to stay home for 7 more days, no one can come over, even though I feel fine, so I guess I'll have to make a ton of cards!!!!!!!!!!!

I leave there with my lovely mask on with all the masses in the waiting room staring at me, death gripping thier children! I get out rip the mask off and go shopping everywhere, coughing all over everyone! Just kidding!!! I left Wpg. no more meeting after Dr.s appt. and in my dazed confusion over what just happened left the city forgetting to get gas! Run out of gas half way home, have to call hubby to put car back together and bring me gas! BTW it was about 30 degrees out today! Got home, cancelled appts. for tonight and now have everyone worry about me. Funny how every other flu or cold doesn't matter, they still want you to cook and clean up after them, but now that I am over it practically and they think it might be swine flu they are all concerned. C'est la vie right!


Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

my goodness! if it weren't for bad luck you'd have NONE! only kidding. i doubt it's the swine flu but it's funny that you squirted sanitizer on the doc's pants. bwwwaaahhhaaaa! you should have sneezed on him too!

do you have socialized medicine there? and you're right, moms aren't allowed to be sick. and if they are, tough sh*t!

hope you feel better soon, my sweet and let the kids pick up after themselves - unless they're infants and can't!

big hugs and a bowl of hot soup!

Mom #2

Brad said...

What a day!! While you were in the midst of it, I am sure it wasn't funny, but the way you tell it sure is. Hope you are feeling better soon!

I guess you didn't get to have your appt. with the web designer, another delay to getting under way, but more time to create. You can draw with a mask on and laid up in bed with no company for 7 days can't you. Enjoy the time, it will go all too quickly. It's probably just not enough sleep, as you never have enough time. GET BETTER!!

Anita said...

Sorry to hear about your adventures! What a wonderful excuse to stay home and make cards.

Caryl P said...

Oh goodness, you had doozie of a day! You tell the story with humor though, so I'm glad you're taking it in stride. Enjoy the time at the computer and making some gorgeous cards.