Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Acetate Tent Card

Hello Fairy fans. Corry here for my first EVA " FAIRY TUTORIAL "! 
How exciting! 
Now, many of you may have already seen this tent card at the Fairy Fun Friday challenge blog last week as a mid-week reminder. I know your thinking "tent card, yay, how original 'rolling eyes'..." but what makes my tent card so special is that it does not have an image suspended, rather it has acetate behind it!
Interesting, I know! 
So let's get started shall we. 

This is what you will need. 
-The blue circles are my Creative Memories shapes and the red, blue & green little creatures there are my cutters for those shapes. 
If you have circle nesties, even better! 
-cutting mat
-paper cutter
-2 designer paper (1 for front, 1 for inside of card)
-plain cardstock for base (12"x12")
missing from pic
-another piece of paper (plain or DP)
-Oooooooo scoring tool

First step: A) Cut a piece of the colored cardstock for base (my blue 12"x12") to measure 5.5" width x 12" length- then fold in half to get a card base of 5.5" x 6"
B) Use the leftover cardstock to make the base for the tent card- see measurements as below.
Second step: Then score accordingly

Third step- fan fold (pic below)

Fourth step- cut your DP to fit the front of your card. 

Fifth step- by whatever means you have, cut a circle in the front of the card, thru both the DP and cardbase. Like the pic. below.
While your at it, you may as well cut the second piece of DP you have chosen for the back drop of your tentcard. This DP will be seen thru the acetate window. (measurements again are 5.5" x 6" )

This picture is purely to show you how my CM cutters work. 
The little nubs fit into my cutter shapes and as I push it along in the shape, the blade cuts thru the paper. 
3 different size blades to get many different circle sizes. 

Sixth step- cut the acetate circle a bit bigger than you cut the circle in the front of the card. (the yellow cardstock is just here to show you the acetate. It shows up good against yellow)

Seventh step- adhere the acetate to the front of the card, between the DP (previously attached) and the cardbase (blue). Luckily hubby got me some tape for Christmas that does not stick VERY well, so I was able to lift the DP & add some glue to the edges of the acetate and cardstock base (blue)

Eighth step- this is where I forgot to tell you to have another piece of paper handy; to make your frame around the front of the card. I wish I had measurements for you, but really it's trial and error. 
Sorry man! 

Ninth step- add double sided tape to the outsides of the inital base you made in the beginning and tape it to the tent card base like so (see below) 

Tenth step- you complete your card & voila! DONE! 

This card went to my son's preschool teachers. Yup all of them! One card to share! 

Say hi to Flyin Gillian. I adhered her to the acetate with dble sided tape. I cut some clouds out of some misc paper and adhered them to the front, alongside a Magnolia heart and tag stamp......I COMPLETELY forgot I had bought this Magnolia extra at a bargain basement price, a LONG TIME ago!! OMG! 

This is a pic of the back of the tent card. 

I hope you enjoyed my take on the tent card today! 
Please feel free to leave me a bit of love! 
Thoughts, criticisms, flattery.....whatever....I'm open to any type of communication! 

Take Care. 


Paulette Insall said...

That is such an awesome card and tutorial! I'll bet the teachers were amazed!!!

Roberta Laliberte said...

You rock Corry! What an amazing tutorial! Whoot Whoot!

Rhonda Miller said...

What a fun card. Thanks for the tutorial.

Dot said...

Lovely Corry, thanks for the tutorian.
Hugs Dorte

Margreet said...

As soon as I have time, I will try your fab tutorial Corry!
xxx Margreet

Beverly Montez said...

This is so cool! I need to show it to our stamp club! What a great way to start out the tutorials!

Sharon-The OKI StampQueen said...

OHMYGOSH---this is OVER THE TOP AWESOME! I checked in before doing my post---I gotta follow this?!! Oh my stars...! Can't wait to try this! Blessings, Sharon

Is said...

Great card Corry, I LOVE it! Thanks for sharing!
Greetings from Spain

Kelly said...

Great tutorial Corry!

Karen McAlpine said...

Hi Corry! This looks like a really fun project. I will have to give it a try. Thanks for all the steps!

Sonia said...

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!

MILA25 said...

A great card. And how easy it is to execute it.
Hugs from Poland Mili